Duratek Équipements Inc., a manufacturer of high-end maintenance and excavation equipment, fully guarantees its products from manufacturing defects, defective equipment and maintenance before delivery to the original purchaser only. Under conditions of normal use of equipment and with appropriate maintenance.

Manufacturer’s guarantee coverage period

  • 12 months and an unlimited number of hours from the date of invoicing for the original purchaser of the equipment.

If any of our products are defective during this period and are only approved by our warranty service at Duratek Équipements Inc.

  • Duratek Équipements Inc. will replace the defective equipment or part at no charge.
  • Repairs must be performed by Duratek Équipements Inc. or an authorized agent upon written authorization for the repair process as well as possession of warranty number.
  • Any repair conducted without the written permission of Duratek Équipements Inc. shall not be covered without a warranty number.

Repairs or claims must be made by the original purchaser during the manufacturer’s warranty period.

  • Duratek Équipements will authorize repairs solely upon written agreement of repair process and presentation of warranty number.
  • Any cost or invoicing must be referenced with a warranty number provided by Duratek Équipements Inc., otherwise charges will be at original purchaser’s expense.
  • All defective parts or components must be returned to Duratek Équipements Inc.’s headquarters for analysis and compensation if applicable.

Limitation and exclusions of Duratek Équipements Inc.’s warranty

  • The warranty is based on a normal use for which the equipment has been designed for.
  • Any defect resulting from negligence, abuse, accidents, misuse or inappropriate modification or use.
  • Modification of the tool without proper authorization or alteration of original components.
  • Any product or part not manufactured by Duratek Équipements Inc.
  • Any transportation fees.
  • Flagrant lack of equipment’s maintenance.
  • Any loss of time, revenue, mileage or productivity incurred by the buyer.
  • Any repair conducted by anyone without proper authorization and approved quote by Duratek Équipements Inc.
  • This warranty is not transferrable.
  • Oil, lubricant and tubing.
  • Any contamination of the hydraulic system.

Note: A claim for a part or component under warranty does not extend the duration of such warranty.