Evaluation Grid

The following evaluation grid is designed to give you the opportunity to provide us with your feedback and opinion on our products and services. Your answers will be analyzed confidentially and will help ensure your continued satisfaction.

Thank you, we look forward to serving you soon!

Duratek Équipements team.

  1. On a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree), please indicate to what extent you agree with the following statements about our products and services:
    1. Customer service met all my needs.
    2. The delivery representative was polite and courteous.
    3. The staff was polite and courteous.
    4. The delivery deadline was respected.
    5. Invoicing is precise and easy to understand.
    6. Quality of material received is satisfactory.
    7. Materials are favourably priced.

  2. How did you hear about Duratek Équipements?

  3. Would you recommend Duratek Équipements ? In both cases, please specify the reason.

  4. Open section:
    Please enter your questions and comments below. Rest assured we will treat them with the highest importance and someone will contact you to discuss them in detail.