• A range of digging buckets specifically developed for digging requiring sharp, penetrating teeth. Advanced unibody design. Evolved form designed to reduce stress on the machine during penetration of the soil and to reduce rubbish emptying time.

  • Image of Excavation


  • A range of utility loader buckets with forward sharp edge and flat bottom. Durable unibody design. Tapered shape designed to increase loading efficiency and reduce friction points. Its conical hull facilitates high-performance operation with sticky materials.

  • Image of Utilitaire

Fossé et nettoyage

  • A range or buckets for cleaning gutters and irrigation channels. Unibody design with sharp edge and short run radius provides effective channel cleaning without breaking the supporting walls. This bucket empties easily thanks to its anti-vacuum hole.

  • Image of Fossé et nettoyage

Trapézoïdal en V

  • A range of V-digging buckets with intercalated edge. Unibody design tapered and profiled so that only the cutting edges come into contact with the ground, thus eliminating friction and increasing the power of the machine.

  • Image of Trapézoïdal en  V

Dent Défonceuse ou Ripper

  • A range of ripper teeth for pulverizing rock and ground frost. Designed and developed to provide a crowbar effect; once fully penetrated, simply rotate to increase stripping force by using the weight of the machine.

  • Image of Dent Défonceuse ou Ripper

Peigne forestier

  • A range of rakes designed to clear and clean forest or agricultural land. Unique and simple form provides high-quality clearing, handling and sorting of forest or agricultural residues. Crowbar design specifically made to transfer weight of the machine into ripping power.

  • Image of Peigne forestier

Chargeur sur roue

  • A range of buckets for articulated wheel loaders, with powerful design for aggressive traction. Particular attention to detail at points of wear and friction. Shells have been designed for greater loading ease, allowing material to enter easily, thereby reducing stress to the tractor, increasing fuel efficiency and time spent working. Built with 450 000 psi steel, these solid and durable buckets offer years of service and profitability.

  • Image of Chargeur sur roue

Skidsteer et Compact

  • New generation of buckets for your Skid Steer or Compact, with revolutionary solidity, rigidity and durability. The single body design with sharp and aggressive attack makes this equipment more productive and economical, paying for itself. The buckets’ unique sides with integrated padding increase solidity and premature wearing. Several options in preparation.

  • Image of Skidsteer et Compact

Râteau de triage

  • A range of rakes for maintenance and sorting of assorted material. Equally designed for handling light, dry or abrasive material. The rakes’ shapes provide high visibility for operator and allow soil to move easily between teeth for affective sorting.

  • Image of Râteau de triage

Squelette pour triage

  • Image of Squelette pour triage

Déneigement industriel

  • Image of Déneigement industriel

Fourche a recyclage automobile

  • Image of Fourche a recyclage automobile

Slab et dalle

  • Image of Slab et dalle