Our Company

Duratek Équipements Inc. manufactures heavy machinery accessories such as excavators, loaders, industrial and farm tractors. Duratek Équipements Inc. is committed to buying local and promoting service companies in the surrounding regions. The essence of the company was born of the idea to promote and find commercial use for materials from our sister company, Métaltek Laser Inc. - stuff that would otherwise be recycled or remelted. We developed the ideal line of premium products to give the materials new life, highlighting their resistance and strength. Our expertise and acute attention to consumer needs has allowed us to design a product line that responds to customer demand. All our products and accessories combine durability and technology, hence the name DURATEK. All products are conceived, developed and designed in our offices. Testing and assembly of prototypes is completed in our workshops to ensure confidentiality before going on the market. Materials used for Duratek Equipment’s quality products exclusively consist of ore with tensile strength levels beyond 450,000 psi. Everything is calculated and arranged to produce high performing upscale tools that offer an unbeatable return on investment per cubic meter of use. The way in which an excavation or maintenance tool strikes the ground is a science that has been kept at the forefront of our product design process. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a vast range of highly-efficient, powerful and tough products that require minimum maintenance on site, allowing you more operating time and increased profitability.